OneSimCard - Discount International Mobile Phone Provider

OneSimCard is a significantly cheaper alternative to AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers and other carriers for International Travelers going outside of North America.
OneSimCard offers a complete range of International Mobile Services to Business, Corporate and Leisure travelers. You can get an International Mobile phone package with your own personal phone number and airtime, or if you have an unlocked GSM world mobile phone, you can just buy a SIM card. If you’re going on a short trip, we offer Global Mobile Phone rentals as well.
OneSimCard Service advantages:
  • Coverage in over 160 countries
  • The best roaming rates in over 160 countries
  • Savings of up to 90% on the phone calls
  • Receive calls for FREE in over 54 countries
  • Receive Free SMS anywhere
  • Send an SMS/Text from anywhere for just 35 cents per message
  • Your international phone number never expires
  • Convenience - keep the same number every time you travel
  • Internet GPRS Data service available in over 40 countries
  • Optional personal secondary US, Canada or UK numbers
  • Toll-Free numbers in the US, Canada and other countries – anyone can call you for free
  • No monthly or periodic charges
  • Voicemail
  • Top up from anywhere at anytime - directly from your phone
  • Reliable, affordable and smart service
  • Earn Reward Miles for each minute spent
  • Interpreter services for 150 languages available 24/7
Please contact your Travel Agent to receive more information about OneSimCard services. They will provide you with a Promo Discount Coupon for additional savings.
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